edgewater oriented ontology


Multiple Projects: Acrylic Sculpture, 3D Prints,  Motors, Arduinos, Electronics, Ambient Sound. 2013 - 15.

  • Light in Edgewater  - acrylic tetrahedrons engraved with physics formulas of light + macro photography images printed on transparencies.
  • Dark in Edgewater - an installation that includes sound, projection, and acrylic windows  + electronic candles.
  • Forms of Edgewater I - laser-cut and engraved acrylic circles with digital pinhole photography images printed on tranparencies.
  • Forms of Edgewater II - 3D printed objects made from forms from digital pinhole images + arduino controlled motors.
  • Night Trees - long-exposure images of trees lit by streetlights.

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Edgewater Oriented Ontology is a body of work developed over a period of two years. The projects all stem from an emotional and philosophical journey grounded in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago. Themes of refuge, grief, nature, technology, and physics are woven throughout the projects.

After iterations of several of the projects were shown in other venues, including a content-sharing collaboration, the work culminated in a solo exhibition in April of 2015 at the C33 Gallery in Chicago. 

The C33 Gallery exhibition was partially supported by the Albert P. Weisman award.

A Sketch Up 3D animation of plans for installation of Edgewater Oriented Ontology at the C33 Gallery in Chicago, IL.